We work…

… in an old flour mill. Now it’s home to artists of all kinds — painters, writers, yarn-makers, brand managers and creative agencies.

Our space used to be a display room for shoes. Now it’s filled with Apple products, whiteboard walls, a nerf hoop and a giant marlin. His name is Chris.

On a typical day, you’ll find us caffeinated and thinking about our next meal. Although we have a Keurig, our coffee cravings usually take us down the street to one of the many coffee shops in the Germantown neighborhood. As for food, don’t get us started. After this whole video thing blows over, we’re thinking about starting a pretentious Nashville food blog. That sounds like a joke, but it’s a real dream.

We love Nashville. We love our neighborhood. We love working at 100 Taylor. Montana (Conner’s trusty golden retriever) does, too.


100 Taylor St.

Nashville, TN